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Trust in God

We have a tendency to charge ahead and plunge into action when we have something in mind. It is like we are independent, forcefully taking care of business quickly on our own as much as possible. With a deeper walk with God, all that would change for the better – we choose to wait on the Lord instead. A deeper walk with God and growing deeper in God’s love doesn’t make us a more independent person, but rather a more dependent person on the Lord for everything. The more we grow in His grace, the more we become aware of our weaknesses and limitations. In such a lifestyle, hesitation to dive into action is a mark of maturity. Each day, we shy from taking the lead and wait for Him to be in charge in everything.

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him /Ps. 37:7a/

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we have to do it without consulting our beloved Lord. The goal is not in accomplishing a task, but in seeing it accomplished through His grace. It is the closeness we treasure that is priceless. We check with the Lord first and walk in step with Him afterwards. It is all about Him from the beginning, through the process and, yes, to the end. We draw satisfaction from being co-workers with God, calling Him a friend. When we prosper in our efforts, the praise goes to Him that brings glory to the Father and joy to our soul.

We learned much from our past, when we used to bring self-inflicting pain and disappointment which resulted from taking charge of the matter at hand and ignoring the Father in the process. We realize how far He brought us from self-reliance to total dependence. A deeper walk with God is the only way to live His abundant life to the fullest.

Waiting on the Lord needs to be typified by a calming rest in the Lord. Fretting and worrying while waiting is not actually waiting on the Lord, it is dreading. With this in mind, we can take one day at a time and enjoy victory by giving up control and coming under His authority in humility. Wait on the Lord – it does the soul good!


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