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Banquet hall

All our blessings, including the spiritual, material, physical, emotional, are for the glory of God. The key is in being able to prefer His love more than wine. The issue is to stop worshipping the blessings and start living Him. Learn to enjoy Him rather than a relentless, exhausting pursuit of your own happiness. When we are brought to the abundance of His party house, we embrace it with these six attitudes.

He has taken me to the banquet hall (Song of Songs 2:4a)

First, we don’t use the blessings as a source of our strength, joy, peace or fulfillment. Rather, the source of our everything remains to be Him and Him alone.

Second, we don’t store up the blessings for only our selfish gratification. Rather, we become His good stewards administrating His resources to meet the needs of His people.

Third, we don’t ever forget who we are. This is crucial because it is more difficult for God to keep us humble while we are successful than to make us successful in the first place (Deut. 8:10-16).

Fourth, we present our life testimony that declares His goodness and love. He wants us to be head, not tail (Deut. 28).

Fifth, we no longer have a shallow awareness of His goodness tied to His blessings. We will have a secure knowledge that He Himself is good apart from His blessings.

Six, we no longer ignorant of the “have not” life (Phil. 4:12). We had been there, so we can understand and help those in need following the footsteps of Jesus (Heb. 4:16).

The love life has one central truth: to live for Him. Love gives self. Whatever He says and does is okay and is final. If we are in such deep love, we come to say: “As You wish, Jesus!” in everything. Only when we give Him this freedom do we truly remain in His love, even when we get to abundant life.


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