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Step out of the boat

We like to stay comfortable and stay where we feel is under our control. The moment we decide to embark on the journey of a deeper walk with God, there also comes the call that makes us nervous. God wants us to move into the next dimension, one that pushes our comfort level. This is required to continue to depend on Him and grow our faith.

He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. Mat 14:29 ESV

Yes, there is a risk to remain in the rocking boat. And there is yet a bigger risk if we step out of the boat altogether. For one, we have never experienced walking on water in the past. Second, it is not natural to imagine it. Therefore, to leave our rocking boats altogether for yet a greater risk is unnerving to say the least.

But if we want to see His glory, we need to catch the passion for stepping out of the boat. We are meant to draw power from on high and live a supernatural life here on earth. For that, the Lord wants us to step up and walk by faith.

We are destined to experience the touch of Holy Spirit on a daily basis, and to accomplish things that cannot be performed by our strength. For complete surrender and total abandonment on the Father, we need to accept His challenge to get out of our comfort zone and walk on water. With the greater adventure, our capacity to be in control diminishes. As a result, we are motivated to fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus more and more. Losing our focus on the Lord cannot be tolerated any longer for it threatens our existence. The moment we get our eyes off Christ, we sink. To avoid that, we become vigilant being in His presence and as a result we reap His additional blessings.


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