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Making devil irrelevant

Deeper walk with God is not a leisurely journey that exempts us from pain and suffering. Sometimes, the Lord will allow problems and troubles into our lives to shape us, demonstrating His power and love in the process. Every problem is an opportunity for Him to express His majesty, and for us to reap blessings in disguise.

Though he slay me, I will hope in him; yet I will argue my ways to his face. Job 13:15

In the past, when we have had troubles, we cried for the solutions. We might have thought of God as a harsh God who doesn’t want to grant us our happiness. In so doing, we broke His heart while the devil rejoiced in getting away with his lies.

Now, things are changing. This time, we know that our challenges are an announcement for the arrival of the wonder-working God in action. We, being in deeper love, choose to trust Him. Trusting, we look beyond our circumstances and wait to witness His marvelous hands. Instead of crying for solutions, we cry for His grace to abound so that we may cooperate with Him in all that He plans. The Lord bestows His grace; we rejoice in the midst of troubles. The Lord looks at our confidence in Him and smiles on us. The devil gets perplexed and asks: what is going on?

We understand we are engaged in a new game this time. It is a love game, where His beloved children have learned to put their trust in the Lord. As to the devil, he is confused with his lies exposed! Through it all, though, we see the track record of God. We see His faithfulness. Whether in fire or through sea, one thing stands out – the unfailing love of God. He never fails.


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