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God is Pleasing

We talk about how to please God but forfeit to know how the Lord is pleasing fragrance that captures the imagination of our soul. This is true: if only our hearts are open to be intimate with His majesty.

Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the young women love you! Song of Songs 1:3 NIV

The ointment is perfumed with a fragrance that is pleasing. We need the Holy Spirit to help us be aware of the scent. Only when we smell the pleasing fragrance, Jesus Himself, we will be motivated to rise up from our problems and stretch out for His love – that is true freedom.

We can see three main characters of His pleasing power in our life. First, the only thing that is pleasing in its own right is Jesus Christ. He alone by Himself suffices to fulfill our soul. There is none that can stand by itself to please us without the presence of additional things.

Secondly, He never loses His pleasing power in our life. We all know how a thing that looked so pleasing soon loses its appeal once we have it. But with Jesus, we reach the destination of joy and remain in it.

Thirdly, He not only keeps His pleasing power, but also increases in measure. When we see Him, He appears pleasing to our eyes. When we have Him, He becomes even more pleasing in our life.

Why wander in search of contentment? It doesn’t help to make up our mind to be so. What we need is something pleasing, and we have it. If only our eyes were opened and we could see Him in His glory, we would be motivated to strive for His love. Then we would be in for the ride of our lives.

That is why experiencing deeper walk with God motivates one to strive after His love. The realization His pleasing fragrance, which happens to be poured out for the all world, motivates one to seek His kisses – His love. No wonder His love is better than anything the world can offer. No wonder He is loved dearly. Be counted as one who is in His love.

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