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What makes us tick?

What moves us to do the things we do? What is the source of our energy to get us busy all day long? What makes us tick and gets us in action in this game we call life? Is it because we want to be happy? Or perhaps it is because of duty or obligation? Maybe it is due to a simple survival instinct to make a living? Could it be because we are seeking approval, or we want to prove something? Oh! Hope it isn’t because we are on auto pilot and we don’t even know the reason?

Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you. Jeremiah 31:3b NKJV

Christ came to our world to save humanity. He came for a purpose and lived it to the fullest. But when the time came to die on the cross, he agonized and prayed that He may pass the cup. At the end, we see Him hung on the cross and love held Him there. We see His greatest love displayed on the cross that passes understanding. He summarized all the commandments in one word: love. He wants us to get moving by the beat of this love. Jesus is spelled l-o-v-e.

We are dearly loved by the death and resurrection of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. He gave away His life because He loved us. That gives us joy so we don’t have to work for our happiness. He did all for us and ushered us into His peace, so we don’t have to move by duty. He cares for us and teaches us not to worry so we don’t have to live in survival mode. He approved us and we are most favored in His eyes, so we don’t have to work to please or seek approval. He gave us purpose in life through the shedding of His blood, so we don’t need to search for meaning.

So, what is left is love. We tick and move because we are in His love. We rise up to His love and get energized by His love. We strive to remain in His love and become an ambassador for His love. We move in life because we have joy, meaning, favor, and purpose that comes out of His love for us. Love makes us tick. That is what we call a deeper walk with God.


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